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Yakshini Pocket FM

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There Are Several Stories And Legends Associated With Yakshinis in Indian Mythology. Here Is One Such Story:

Yakshini Pocket FM all Episodes free download

Yakshini Pocket FM
Yakshini Pocket FM

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Yakshini Full Story Download

Ep 1 – Mai Yakshini Teri Maut

Ep 2 – Wo Shikar Karti hai?

Ep 3 – Kuchh To Hai

Ep 4 – Maut Ka Darwaja

Ep 5 – Yug Kyu Aya?

Ep 6 – Maut Ka Pehla Sanket

Ep 7 – Bindu Aur Kayar

Ep 8 – Yug Ka Pyaar

Ep 9-666 Shaitaan Ka Number

Ep 10-Shaitani Awazen

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Total Number Of Episodes (648)

Yakshini pocket FM Episode 1

Ep 1 – Mai Yakshini Teri Maut

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“I think this story will be too long for now, but it is a very interesting and good story.”

Yakshini Pocket FM Story Pdf Download

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Yakshini Pocket FM actress Name

– “Naaz”

Yakshini, written by Anand Usha Borkar. The audio show has surpassed over 220 million plays and received 462K+ reviews on the platform. The audio show is available in 5 different languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada.

Yakshini – Book, Audiobook
Author: Anand Usha Borkar
Narrator: Naaz
Number of Episodes – 648
Audio Book Download – Pocket FM App
Insta Millionaire Book – All Episodes (Audio and Book Read)

Yakshini Pocket FM summary

Yakshini, who was so beautiful that would trap anyone in the web of her beauty. Yakshini had created chaos in Bangalamuda and Rongkamucha villages. Yakshini used to make intercourse with the men crossing the Kishanoi River during the night and make them her prey. The villagers believed that the graveyard kothi is the locus of that Yakshini, so the villagers, along with the religious gurus of different religions, got that kothi closed. With the closure of the Graveyard Kothi, the death in the village also stopped, but after thirteen years, Yug opened that Graveyard Kothi back as soon as that Kothi opened the Yakshini is started to hunt back the men crossing the Kishanoi River And this time, Yakshini had started hunting not only the men but also the women as well But why? It is said that Yakshini came from another world who got a curse due to which she was doing all this. After all, to know what the curse was, listen to “Yaksini…Ek Dayan”

Yakshini – By Anand Usha Borka

Anand Usha Borkar is an Indian Author Who Has Written Several Books on Indian Mythology, Including One titled “Yakshini.” The Book Is A Collection Of Short Stories Based On The Yakshinis, Female Supernatural Beings in Hindu Mythology.

In The Book, Borkar Delves Into The Mythology Surrounding Yakshinis And Explores The Many Different Aspects of Their Character, Including Their Beauty, Power, And Ability To Grant Wishes. The Stories Are Written In A Simple And Accessible Style, Making Them Ideal For Readers Of All Ages.

Borkar’s Writing Is Heavily Influenced By Her Upbringing in A Traditional Indian Family, And She Draws On Her Deep Knowledge Of Indian Mythology To Create Compelling And Engaging Stories. Her Work Has Been Widely Acclaimed For Its Depth And Authenticity, And She Has Become A Popular Author In India’s Literary Scene.

Overall, “Yakshini” Is An Excellen Introduction To The World Of Indian Mythology, And Borkar’s Storytelling Is Sure To Captivate Readers Of All Ages And Backgrounds.

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