Gpay Cashback: No More Cashback On Google Pay? If You Follow This Strategy, You Will Get Money For Every Transaction! How

Google Pay Cashback: Google Pay is currently the main UPI Payment Option For Many People. But According To Users, They Are Not Getting Cashback As Before. Is There Any Such Way? Through Which More Cashback Can Be Obtained? Let’s Take A Look At The Details.

Google Pay rewards tricks

Key Points

  • Many People Are Not Getting Cashback on Google Pay As Before
  • Users Can Increase Their Chances Of Getting Cashback From Google Pay
  • Google Pay is Currently Appearing With Various Events

Google Pay Rewards Tricks

Now UPI Has Become Very Popular All Over India. While The Government Has The Vim app for UPI Money Transfer, Other Third Party Apps Have Also Captured The Market. The list Includes Big Names Like Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm. There Was A Time When Transactions on These Apps Earned Money As Cashback on Every Transaction. But Now Is Not That Time.

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In The Case Of Gpay, Many Users Claim That The Cashback They Used To Get Earlier Is No Longer Available. That is, This Amount Is Decreasing With Time. Why is This Happening? Many people Are Looking For The Answer. Here Are Some Ways Through Which Users Can Increase Their Chances Of Getting Cashback From Google Pay.

Transact on multiple accounts

If You Want To Take Advantage Of The Bumper Cashback, Stop Making Repeated Purchases Using The Same Account. In Reality, Doing So May Result In Less Cashback. If You Trade With A Separate Account, Your Chances Of Getting A Better Payback Increase. For This You Need To Link Multiple Bank Accounts to Gpay.

Make small transactions with Google Pay

If You Want To Make Multiple Large Transactions From The Account, Stop Doing So. You Should Trade For Smaller Amounts As You Won’t Get The Desired Cashback On Larger Amounts.

Send Money To Different Accounts

If You Repeatedly Send Money To A Person, The Chances Of Getting Cashback on That Transaction Decrease. Trading in Different Accounts Increases This Possibility.

Participate in Various Events

Google Pay is Currently Appearing With Various Events. They Can Be Called A Game. A Person Can win 100 or More And Even Up To 500 Rupees From These Events. So Event is a Good Option For Google Pay Users.

Different Payment Options Can Be Selected

Transactions Can Also Be Made Via Google Pay by scanning QR codes , Sending Money Directly To Bank Accounts or Mobile Numbers. In This Case, You Can Get More Cashback Even If You Complete The Payment Using Different Options.

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