How To Earn money from ChatGPT

Tips To Make Money: Now you can earn money with the help of AI chatbot called ChatGPT. Learn about four simple methods for that.

There is a lot of buzz around the world about ChatGPT. At the moment, people’s ability is being tested by doing all the human work. And people are most crazy about such an AI Chatbot. This artificial intelligence-based chatbot from Open AI is successfully passing the world’s toughest tests. He has appeared in legal exams, given medical exams and even excelled in MBA exams. Not only that. Coders are writing code with this chatbot, many kids are even doing their homework with it. A chatbot that can do so much, make a thousand and one human tasks as easy as water, can that chatbot make money?

Yes, ChatGPT can earn money too. Not a little. It has the power to earn a lot of money. No, ChatGPT may not earn you money directly. You have to understand that it can help you, help you earn money. But before that you need to know how to use chatgpt. Incidentally, ChatGPT has two versions — a paid one and a free one. As you can understand by the name, you don’t have to spend a single rupee in the free version. On the other hand the paid version requires you to spend money. But in ChatGPT Paid version you will get many additional features. Free access comes with some limitations.

How to use ChatGPT?

First you need to know, how to use ChatGPT? For that you need to visit the official website of Open AI. Here you will see ChatGPT option. You have to login by clicking there. If you are using ChatGPT for the first time, you will need to sign up. Once signed up you can use ChatGPT AI Chatbot.

Now let’s come to the real thing. How can you earn with ChatGPT? We will now talk about some of the methods, all of which you can do with the help of this AI Chatbot. And if you do those things once, you can earn huge amount of money every month from there.

1) write code

You can write code with ChatGPT. A professional coding course costs a lot these days. Many cannot learn it. There is free chatgpt that can show that. Let’s say you want to develop a mobile app, then tell ChatGPT about it in detail, then it will write the code. Then by creating the app you can register with Google Admob and Google AdSense. From there you can earn money. But for that you must have knowledge about coding i.e. programming language. This chatbot will do your basic work. You need to improve the code written by him. You can improve it only when you have knowledge of coding i.e. programming language.

2) Content writing

Let’s say you created a website. You can’t leave that website empty anymore. You also need to write some content there. Writing website content is not easy at all. You need to write web content with a professional content writer or copywriter. They charge separately for that. ChatGPT can also write content. But you have to have proper idea about the content. You need to brush up the content that chatgpt writes. Nowadays people earn a lot of money by writing content. Why not just a website, you can also write content for social media platforms or blogs with ChatGPT. And you can earn money from there.

3) Answer the question

There are many websites which provide answers to various questions that people don’t know. Websites also pay for that. You can use ChatGPT for this task. You can answer people’s questions using ChatGPT and earn money easily. Other AI chatbots can do this same thing for you. In this way, you can earn money when the platform is monetized to answer people’s unknown questions through your website.

4) Other means

There are other ways you can use ChatGPT as a way to earn. Didn’t know, ChatGPT can earn you money too. Let’s say, you work in an event management company. With ChatGPT you can plan for your event. Not only that. You can also prepare a chatbot using the ChatGPT API.

Must remember

One thing to keep in mind for all these, ChatGPT can only help you in any task. He will never do the work for you. The chatbot will work the way you use it. He will never make money for you. He can help you in various ways of earning, smooth your way of earning.

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