Jan Samarth Portal: No need to rush to get central government loan! PM inaugurates public portal

‘Jansamartha’ portal is ‘One Step Digital Portal’. Where everyone can easily benefit from government projects, there will be transparency, demand center.

Jan Samarth Portal
Jan Samarth Portal

The new portal was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Name ‘Jansamartha’ portal. Where citizens can easily apply for four types of loans. The center has come up with this portal to deliver the benefits of government projects directly to the consumers.

On Monday, the Prime Minister inaugurated ‘Jansamartha Portal’ on the occasion of a function of the Ministry of Finance. He said the country has made progress in various fields in the last eight years. The active participation of the people in various projects during this period has further accelerated the pace of development of the country.

‘Jansamartha’ portal is ‘One Step Digital Portal’. Where everyone can easily get the benefit of government projects. The portal will have more than 125 lenders. A total of four types of loans will be available. Loans for education, loans for building agricultural infrastructure, business loans and personal loans will be available here. There will be certain questions as to whether the applicant is eligible for the loan or not. If you fill them in the portal, the loan will be approved from there. Details of what qualifications are required for some loans can be found on that portal.

The Prime Minister introduced new one, two, five, 10 and 20 taka coins from this event. These special coins are being brought to the market thinking of blind people.

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